Saturday, January 29


so while editing this blog, I wanted to save the dragonfly digital art piece I made long ago... you all have permission to use it in any way you wish.. (hmm digital artpiece freebie ... laughs) hope you like it.

New Year 2011, New Blog

So it is a new year, and I am ready... I am stitching strong on my Red Poppy which is why you notice my entire blog has changed. Note, I could not get rid of any part of my old blog... I just couldnt... I may not post there much, but I do visit frequently... I have dear memories there, and those that follow to this blog will surely add richness to this years endeavor. I want to say... It has not always been an easy journey... there have been mistakes, and I am working on those... this new year is the promise of something better. To start it off I am moving with my partner of almost a year into our new house in a month :) We are so excited.. Dante - of course is growing in leaps and bounds... (my grandson for those who are new) and I plan on this blog showing u so many of the aspects in my life. I hope you enjoy it as it will be new with energy from the present... thank you for watching :)

Monday, April 27

More Mirabilia RR ideas
I posted the link with this particular picture first because this is what I picture ... this is beautiful! Note: there are many more pictures of more mirabilia rr pieces here, make sure to look at them all !!!